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Alright, so this is going to be a pretty crazy chapter for Laito fans. There's a lot of triggers in this for mild violence and sexual themes. As much as he is sexually deviant, he also has his temperamental side as well and it really comes out towards the end of this chapter. I wanted to stay true to his character as possible and in the games, there were some dark moments as such so I hope no one is offended or shocked at the content coming up. The next chapter will be the origin of my OC, and I surely hope it won't come as a surprise to anyone. So please enjoy this lengthy chapter!

It’d been a few days since I broke down in front of Subaru, and I found it harder to keep pretending I didn’t remember what happened to me…or what I really was. Perhaps everyone had already known and were just keeping silent so they can take advantage of me like every other vampire has. Perhaps it was selfish to think this way, but I know I can’t stay here any longer. I’m bringing my burden to their doorstep and it’s a burden far greater than I think they can imagine…the wrath of Frederick Dooley will not be a kind one.
These were my thoughts as I stared down at my notebook, in the middle of class one evening. I’d been trying to avoid Laito, since our  romantic encounter at the lake the other night. My feelings for him were…torn. One part of me was interested in him as a man, full of mystery and curiosity. I felt embarrassed to think of him in the such a way….but on the other hand, he could be intimidating, cruel, and calculating.
“Jadey-chan,” a voice interrupted my thoughts, “You seem unwell, are you feeling okay?”
It was Yui. Sweet innocent Yui. There were times when I could really appreciate her integrity. At least I knew she wasn’t plotting anything against me.
“I’m, just a little under the weather today…Perhaps because it’s raining out side,” I commented, hoping she’d take the bait and let it go for now. I wasn’t feeling well at all. Since my memories returned, my stomach had been feeling nothing but nausea for a good while. It pains me that I cannot tell even Yui about my circumstances…but when I leave, maybe she’ll understand in time. I’d have to do it soon…because no matter what I do, Frederick will find me in due time…he always does. The fact that he hadn’t made a move until now meant he had a plan…and perhaps somebody here was helping to orchestrate it. I couldn’t be too sure but the tension was beginning to make me sick with anxiety.
It hadn’t taken me very long to pack up the few things I had and prepare to embark while the others were at school. It wasn’t easy to convince Reiji that I was sick, but after enough dramatic acting, he finally shrugged and told me to rest at home.
I swallowed before I surveyed the items packed in my bag. A few pairs of clothes, toothbrush, snacks for the road, and a silver knife I found in Subaru’s room. I’m sure he’d be pissed if he knew I had it, but I needed some form of protection…I confess, despite not being full human, I still needed to defend myself from vampires like Frederick.
I heaved a sigh before pulling my bag over my shoulder and heading outside. I’d have to be fast if I wanted to make it through the courtyard without anyone seeing me. I was almost halfway to the lake when I suddenly heard a loud strike against something.
“Where do you think you’re going?” it was a startlingly thuggish voice, which I recognized as Subaru’s. I turned around to find him standing inside the concrete entrance to the underground dungeon,  which his clenched fist imbedded in the wall. Shit. He must be mad about the knife.
“S-Subaru, I can explain this,” I started but he interrupted me swiftly, “Oi, don’t fuck me with me! I can tell  you’ve been hiding something from the get-go. You remind me of her…” he trailed off.
I blinked, unsure of what to make of that statement and asked, “Who?”
“My mother,” he stated unblinking, before he went on, “What happened to you? Why do you have to leave?”
I stared at the ground. I couldn’t find the courage to say anything other than, “I-I can’t talk about it…it’s none of your business anyway. This is my problem.”
He chuckled and said, “I think it is my problem. You have my special knife after all,” before suddenly appearing right behind me, to my absolute terror.
His arms grabbed me and held me tight so I couldn’t run away. His right hand dug into my bag with ease and pulled out the knife and held it to my throat.
“Please d-don’t,” I begged lowly before he smiled and asked teasingly, “Because you’re not 100% human, did you think this won’t still kill you?”
I stared blankly in front of me before muttering, “How do you know that?”
“Your blood,” he answered, “it didn’t taste like anything I’ve ever tasted before. You’re a dhampir. Half human, half vampire. I overheard Reiji and Shu talking about it not long after you showed up. I didn’t even know such a thing could exist. A vampire should always turn his bride into another vampire right? Breeding with a human doesn’t make any sense.”
“Shut up,” I grunted in dismay. I didn’t enjoy hearing the story of my birth, “Vampires are known to be horrifying and cruel. My father didn’t want my mother to become a monster.”
My tongue lashed in disgust as I tried to push Subaru off of me. Remembering my mother and father gave me a horrible recollection of my hatred for pureblood vampires.
Subaru throttled me back towards him and hissed in dismay at my choice of words before he snarled, “Shut your mouth before I get really angry.”
He bared his fangs and moved towards my throat. With great speed, he pierced my flesh and started to drink my blood. Shaking with uncontrollable anger, I cried out, “Subaru, this is why can’t trust you people! Vampires have done nothing but hurt and abuse me and the people around me! How could I have ever thought this was a good plan to ask you guys for help?”
He pulled away and stepped back and said, “What are you running from?”
“Please leave me alone!” I yelled before before taking off in a blind rage into the opposite direction from him.
He didn’t follow me, and internally I was relieved. I can’t believe he drank my blood…and he knew the truth about me. I thought I could hide it but I guess my blood revealed it. I wonder if that meant Laito knew too. But that didn’t matter anymore.
I kept running further into the forest, avoiding all public roads until I finally arrived at the city. It would be easier to blend in amongst all the people…or so that’s what I thought.
A feeling of uneasiness overwhelmed me shortly after walking the streets for a good hour. It felt like someone was watching my every move. I dove into a nearby alley indiscreetly, hoping that whatever it was would pass by. That’s when I heard a chuckle of laughter from behind me. As I glanced around, I saw a dark silhouette at the end of the alley.
“Oh, little devil, you really did it this time…” the voice drawled deeply, sounding very agitated. Laito…my heart thudded loudly in my chest as the fear of realization kicked in. I opened my mouth to say something but it didn’t have the chance to come out. Laito was already behind me, and with a swift knock to the head, I blacked out without a second to scream.

I woke up with a heavy pain on the side of my head. Ugh, what happened? I opened my eyes slowly to find myself in the torture chamber. But I couldn’t move. I looked around to find myself chained to a pully device with my arms above my head and my bare knees crumpled on the floor below me. That’s when I remembered how I ended up here…but why would Laito chain me up?
“Ah, so you’ve finally woken up,” his voice echoed as the dungeon door slammed open. Laito walked in, smiling from ear to ear as if he had just witnessed something hilarious. I shook uncontrollably as he moved near me, not yet ready to speak to me, and stood above me for several minutes. Then he sighed and asked, “do you know why I brought you here?”
I shook my head silently, not completely comprehending his intentions. He laughed darkly at my response and said, “Not only did I witness that violent fool drink your blood which belongs to me, you even had the nerve to try to leave without an explanation. That upsets me greatly, you know?”
“Laito, please listen,” I tried to say but he shut me up by grabbing the end of the chain which hung over the pully device and pulling it hard, raising me several inches off the ground by my hands. The rusted chains which held me up were cutting my wrists considerably as I whimpered in pain.
“No, you listen,” he shouted in retort, “I don’t appreciate your lack of faith in me. After all, I thought I was the one who mattered most to you in this household. That should give me more seniority than anybody else! But here I find you, with Subaru of all people.”
“You don’t understand,” I paused to say more but he yet again yanked at the pully, raising both my feet off the ground now. My wrists were now writhing in pain as tears fell down my face.
“No, you don’t understand. I’m not finished talking,” he sighed heavily before matching his gaze to mine, as I hung weightlessly above him.
“It hurts me,” he murmured, “ I don’t take well to being put in this predicament. I don’t want to hurt you this much but you need to open that mouth of yours and tell me what’s wrong so I can make it better.”

He leaned his head against my chest and faked a sniffle before returning to his angry front and tearing open the front of my shirt. I shrieked loudly and he snickered at me before he inquired, “So will you tell me what you’re running from? Who you are? I don’t like that you don’t trust me enough to tell me.”
I stared at him speechlessly. The words wouldn’t come out, for they hid a painful reality that even I wasn’t ready to accept. Please don’t make me say it out loud…
“Nothing, huh? Sigh, if this is how you want it to be. I’m going to have to change my approach,” he hummed, before suddenly grabbing my legs with both hands and placing them on his shoulders, leaving me stunned and scared as my legs spread open for him. Oh why did I have to wear a skirt today?
He smiled as he placed his lips on my inner thigh and started tonguing a trail slowly up my leg. I shivered and cried out, “Laito, stop this! Why can’t you see this is hard for me to talk about? Why can‘t you let it go?”
He ignored me and continued until he reached my underwear line. His slender fingers then slipped in a notch and snapped the material against my feminine region. The tears continued to pour out my eyes as he continued to mess around, licking through the material and doing just about anything he could to tantalize me to no end. Tingling sensations roused through me and my face was beat red after a few minutes.
“Mmm, are you enjoying this as much as I am? I’ll pleasure you into submission soon enough,” he murmured lustfully, the blush on his cheeks glowing with excitement.
I couldn’t handle it anymore, I needed this punishment to end.
“Laito,” I panted out, my legs withering like jelly as he dropped them,  allowing them to dangle above the floor, “I’ll tell you everything. Please listen to me.”
He stepped back, his gaze growing surprisingly concerned as he huffed out, “Fine, but you better have learned your lesson. I don’t like to be played with and then not given straight answers.”
I nodded as he loosened the chain and let me down on the floor. He grabbed a key out of his pocket and unchained the cuffs on my wrists which clanked loudly onto the ground. I shivered from the coldness in the dungeon and Laito threw off his jacket and wrapped my bare legs with it. I met his eyes sincerely before I started.
It was raining around 4 AM as I found myself staying after school to catch up on some missed assignments. I never though public high school could be so difficult compared to being home schooled. The classroom was empty, as everyone else had left, including Yui and the brothers. Or so I had thought.
There was a loud crash of thunder and flash of lightning, which caused me to leap out of my seat from the startle. The lights went pitch black. The classroom door slammed open all of a sudden. A shadow made its way inside from the darkness. I couldn’t see anything in front of me whenever the lightning flashed outside.
There was pulse from my chest as the fear crept in. Who was there with me in the dark?
“Laito, is that you?” I asked impulsively, silently hoping it was just him playing a trick on me. I gasped as hands grabbed at my arms and pulled me towards them, emitting a low, “I have finally found you.”
For a moment, I thought I must have been mistaken. This couldn’t be…the person I had been running from…
Like a freight train, a whole anthology of  the memories I had forgotten before coming here returned to me as a gut wrenching scream escaped my lips. It felt like I was being torn up from the inside. My hands shook at my sides and desperately clung to myself to keep from falling apart.
“Please stop, don’t hurt me anymore, Frederick…” I sobbed fearfully. The memories inside my brain was replaying itself in high definition quality.
“It hurts, it hurts,” I was panting it out louder now, my breath swelling out in heaves from my lungs. I was so scared I couldn’t breathe.

“Oi! Who the hell is Frederick? What’s wrong with you?” a voice called out as the lights turned back on to reveal Subaru standing before me, wearing a confused/concerned expression. For some reason, I couldn’t calm down. All I saw was the illusion of black hair and golden eyes standing over me. My biggest nightmare had recollected itself in my mind and wasn’t going to leave until I remembered every detail of my greatest punishment.

“D-Don’t touch me,” I muttered out, as Subaru kneeled down in front of me and pulled me into a soft embrace. He whispered, “I don’t what happened to you but please calm down. No one is hurting you. It‘s just me.”

I looked up and met his eyes with a fearful expression. This wasn’t the past. This was the present. Subaru won’t do anything to me like this…I need to calm down. On his face was an expression of worry and confusion.  I swallowed and relaxed in his arms. I had remembered the reason why I had come here…but the reason itself seemed silly to me now. I was running from the enemy…into the hands of a greater one…

“What did you come here for?” I asked Subaru when I had finally mustered the nerve to talk after my frantic, somewhat embarrassing episode. He made a somewhat frustrated look before explaining, “You weren’t waiting at the car and everyone else had already gone home. I was asked by Shu to see you made it back.”

‘Oh,” I murmured before he continued to say, “Yeah, that’s all I was here to do but the lights went out before I could open the door. Then you started freaking out and screaming at me. What scared you?”
I sighed and looked at the ground. I couldn’t explain my situation to these vampires. I had come solely to burden them with my presence. There was no logical reason to tell them anything.
“I just…thought you were someone else,” I muttered as he stood up and held a hand out to me. I grabbed it and told him, “Please don’t tell anyone else about this, okay? Just take me home.”
He nodded distantly before guiding me out of the room, never once letting go of my arm.
Laito wore a dark expression as he watched Subaru and Jade walk out of the classroom holding onto one another. He had witnessed everything that happened and was trying to piece together the connection to this and her lost memories. His eyes glowed in envy at Subaru’s warmth, before he chuckled lowly and spoke in a soft whisper, “So, so fascinating. If my theory is correct, then Jadey-chan and I were destined to find each other.”
Haunted Dark Bridal (A Diabolik lover story) 8
sorry for the lack of update. meant to post it up on this site as well but have been very busy this year!


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So I've got a little announcement to make to my lovely watchers here on dA! A while ago, I went to a casting call for models for the fashion show at my town's local anime convention. Well today I found out that I made it and now I get to be a part of it! I've never been in a runway show before so this is really exciting for me-- even moreso because I get to do it in cosplay!
I'll be sure to post a link or so if the pictures get posted online, but the show is this Saturday! i'll make sure to write a post about the experience. :D
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