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It was the middle of the night when I was shaken awake from my sleep by a grinning pair of fangs. My heart almost leapt out of my chest before I realized it just Laito. I swallowed before composing myself enough to ask groggily, "Laito, what are you doing in my room and why you waking me up in the middle my sleeping?"

He simply smiled and said, "I want to surprise you with a good morning kiss," before leaning over and placing his lips on mine with a smile. Completely startled by this, I grabbed his shoulders and forced him from me and stumbled out, "Laito, what the hell do you think you're up to?"

A blush crept across his face as he murmured, "Ah, little devil, I just love it when you talk with such crude language."
He then began to crawl toward me on the bed, to which I responded to by pulling the covers up over myself and trying to shoo him away. He giggled to himself before reaching out and grabbing my hand.

"Come with me, I want to take you somewhere," he stated less like an invitation and more like I had no choice in the matter. Sighing tiredly, I let him drag me from the bed but felt the notion to ask, "Can I at least get dressed first?"
His eyes sparked up as he smiled, "But of course. Please go ahead," before he stood there quietly, implying heavily he had no intention to wait for me to change. Groaning, I told him flatly, "If you're not going to get out, I simply won't change."
He pouted at this and complained, "Well you're no fun at all, Jadey-chan! Fine, we'll do it your way," before turning around and muttering, "I won't look at you change…only for now though."

I quickly took advantage of this and changed into a pair of shorts and a V-neck shirt. Shrugging nonchalantly, I hummed, "Let's go then," before Laito grabbed my arm and hurriedly snuck out of nearest doorway with me in tow.
Before I could catch my breath, he suddenly stopped in front of the lake out the backside of the mansion. I tilted my head and asked curiously, "What are we doing here?"
He tilted his head back at me just as cutely and giggled, "We're going swimming, my little devil."
"But it's cold out," I stated with worry as his smile simply widened and he said, "You'll be fine, this lake is pretty warm usually."

"Laito, what are you doing?" I asked with surprise as he suddenly started casually stripping off pieces of his clothing. He made an obvious scoff before iterating, "We're going swimming."
Suddenly, it dawned on me. This was Laito. Surely I couldn't have expected anything he suggested to not have some ulterior motive. I sighed to myself…how was I going to fight off this one?
"Jadey-chan. Are you listening to me?"
Huh? I wondered to myself when Laito's hands were all of a sudden at my waist, gripping each side of my shirt and pulling upwards. A swarm of butterflies waved knots through my stomach, as I tried to hold down his hands, "Laito, let's not get hasty now. I'm still a lady. You can't always do these types of things…"

"What about being a lady makes me not allowed to do the things you actually want me to?" he murmured lowly into my ear.
My eyes cast to the ground and I pleaded, "Don't twist my words into justifying your own desires. I don't even know what I want."

"So you won't protest then?" his eyes lit up childishly, "Perhaps, the reason you came here was to be swept away, Jadey-chan. Has there ever been someone who makes you feel the way I make you?"
I glanced up into his eyes nervously and took a moment to really think about it. Why had I come here again? I was running…but what would I gain in coming to a place like this? My heart thrashed internally at this enigma.
Laito wasn't pleased with my silence.

"It's not nice to leave me waiting for an answer like that. Well, whether or not you've felt such pleasure before me is of no importance. I'll simply fill you with such passion, you won't think of anything else but me," he hummed lustfully. His eyes locked with mine and I stared into his emerald green orbs with wonder. Why was he doing this with me of all people? Especially when he…was such a puzzling character himself…what good would seducing me be? There had to be something I didn't understand.

I couldn't tell if I was under his spell or it was some inner longing in me but I felt an invisible string drawing me closer to his face. He was unmistakably beautiful, even despite his overwhelming personality. His reddish brown hair clung to my face as his bare arms wrapped themselves around my wais. Then he pulled me closer; our lips meeting in almost a hungry frenzy. The taste of his lips enraptured me as he delicately parted my mouth open with the tip of his tongue… It was mesmerizing how experienced he was at guiding me along. He moaned deeply into the kiss as he pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the side.

"Mmm, I like it when you don't defy me. See, you were lying to yourself. You know exactly what you want," he purred as his hand reached towards the buttons of my shorts. When his finger grazed my abdomen, I felt a pang of nausea in my gut. Suddenly I backed away from him, whether in fear or shyness, I couldn't tell.
His eyes widened as I continued to back up, until there was a loud SPLASH.

Laito wore an amused expression before joking, "Well if you wanted to swim, little devil, you should've just told me so!" before unbuttoning his pants and jumping in head first.

He swam over to my shivering cold body, before wrapping his arms around my shoulders and pulling me close to him.
"I don't dislike dining in the comfort of a full moon, in fact I've been feeling very famished these last few days," he chuckled before revealing his fangs and feeding me a vampire's kiss before drinking my blood beneath the moon light.
“Your life and your body are all mine. Look at these scars, they’re proof of my love for you,” said a man whose face I  couldn’t see. It sounded so familiar but the picture wouldn’t come together. His shadowy arms wrap themselves around me, the grip so powerful, it leaves bruises where it touches. I struggle but I am helpless.

“Please don’t,” I begged under my breath. He smiled. My vision went hazy. How could this be real? Such isolation in the presence of others.  I want to disappear. I find myself sobbing. The man gets angry.

“What is wrong with you? You should feel overjoyed to be loved so much.”

I never wanted this…

“I will never forgive you,” I uttered morbidly, “Never in a thousand years will I ever forgive you for what you've done.”

With those hands, he would make me soon wish I was never born into such a cruel world…

I woke up in a panic. I was covered in sweat and there were tears coming from my eyes. The pain had felt so real…so invasive like it was plaguing my very soul. A sob escaped my lips as I tossed myself under my pillow.

I calmed down after a little bit before my mind slipped back into the here and now. My neck was sore from the night before. Laito…what happened that night…it seemed like a dream. I didn’t even know what was real anymore. He had really drank my blood…and not just a little either. The only other one who’d even showed interest in my blood was Subaru…and his interest seems directed towards me for a different reason than Laito’s.

I glanced over at the clock on the wall. It was almost midnight. There would be a knock at my door in few minutes to wake me up. There was short pulse in my chest and I instinctively held myself. I needed to get my shit together. I have to be stronger than this…

If what happened in my dream was actually a memory…then it might explain why I’m here.

Just then, the morning wake up knock sounded at my door, and I rose to my feet. The door opened and there stood Reiji. His expression was stern and he stated his usual morning agenda list, but as he was about to step out, he stopped and stared at me for a minute before smirking.

“Someone had a rough night,” he commented teasingly as he eyed the bite mark on my neck. He observed it silently before murmuring, “Ah, he’s impatient as ever I see. Can’t even hold himself back after a mere few weeks. Pitiful.”

He continued on to say, “Well, enough of that talk. What you do on your own time is none of my business. I’m here to inform you that you will be starting school with us tonight. It’s been decided that since you are here, you might as well appear to be part of the family. Don’t let this get to your head. Your position here is but a pawn in a greater scheme that has yet to unmask itself yet.”

I swallowed worriedly at his words. Did he know something? I felt the urge to ask him directly, but he grinned suspiciously and replied, “Don’t worry yourself over it. The truth always come out one way or another,” before he disappeared. Damn these vampires played that trick on me a lot. It was starting to feel like they all knew more than I did. Why wouldn’t my memories return to me yet? My injury has healed already. Slowly, little pieces form in my head but they still don’t explain what I’m running from. Who I’m running from.


“My name is Jade Honma. I was home schooled up until now so this is my first time at a real high school. Please take care of me,” I bowed in front the class before making my way to my seat. I shared a classroom with Yui, Ayato, Kanato, and Laito. Despite the events that unraveled the night before, Laito showed no sign of acknowledging it happened whatsoever.

“Little devil, you’re here! Did you miss me so much that you needed to see my face all the time?” he exclaimed at the beginning of class in his typical over the top and overconfident manner. I simply grimaced at him without saying anything in response.

This reaction made him pout as he forcibly pulled me into an embrace and whispered, ‘Ah, your scent is so exhilarating. Fufu. It’s like you’re trying to make me aroused.”

I scoffed at his lewdness and pushed him off of me before I disputed, “Only in your sick and demented dreams. Don’t you have other girls you can harass before the day is over?”

He shrugged nonchalantly and said, “Yeah, I can do whatever I want really,” before going on to say with a blush of red to his cheeks, “But it’s the things I can’t have that really get me going.”

“Gross,” I shuddered at his nonstop perversion and sat down in my seat. I looked over to Yui and mouthed, “How did you put up with this?” while pointing at Laito whose seat was in front of me. Yui smiled a sympathetic expression before stating flatly, “You don’t…he just consumes and manipulates you until you no longer care.”

“Ouch bitch-chan, that hurts me deeply,” he frowned before leaning back in his chair so his head was upside down on my desk. His eyes met mine from his vulnerable position and he murmured, “Don’t listen to her, darling Jadey-chan. I am full of surprises. Do you want to find out?”

As usual, he always found ways to leave me utterly speechless. I felt a blush crawl onto my face but I looked the other way before pushing his head forward back to his own desk. As I did so, my fingers grazed through his reddish brown hair. It was soft…

Ugh, what was this half and half relationship that was developing between he and I? Being around him scares and excites me at the same time. He’s the type I should resent the most. He’s already given me several reasons to hate him.

From day one, he was the loathsome pervert I couldn't get out of my mind…What was connecting me to him?
Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read another chapter of my very first DiaLove stories! I hope to write many more in the future, but for the time being, I've been writing a lot for this one. I have it planned out that it's going to get much darker in the near future chapters and might require an R rating later on.

But for right now, I hope you enjoy the fluffy lighter moments. I felt really compelled to write this chapter after I heard Laito's version of Gin No Bara. He has a beautiful voice that makes me melt inside, and this chapter is the vision it inspired me to write about. Btw, I feel I should confirm that this is in fact a LaitoxOC story. It was not decided right away but after my fingers did the talking, it ended up being strongly favorable. However, there is going to be a love triangle situation in the near future with one of the other brothers, whom I think should be pretty obvious who at this point. Also, look forward to learning Jadey's past very soon! I'm impatient with the amnesia part so I might be rushing a bit lol. So enough of my rambling! Enjoy this chapter!

Hidden within the deranged peaceful silence, a black cradle swaying with too much trust

“If…there is an end…I want you to tell me,” the meaningless answer within your pure eyes

Like softly crushing a tarnished silver rose in my hands

If we could forget the cruel pain of fate, I could drain you without noticing how severely lethal it is

I was lying in bed sleeping when I heard a voice singing in the night. It was the weekend and there was no school so everyone was either out scrounging for food or they were sleeping. A voice awoke me from the my sleep. It was echoing down the halls of my newly moved into bedroom. Yui and I had decided to separate sleeping quarters, as Ayato making frequent nightly visits became a regular occurrence.

Longing to know where the singing was coming from, I lurked down the dark hallways in search of the sound. It grew louder as I grew closer and for a moment, I hid behind a statue beside an open door way of a room labeled the Grand tea room. I peaked around the corner to see a figure sitting behind a piano. My breath caught in my throat.

It was Laito. He looked so absorbed in the sound that he didn’t seem to notice my presence. I watched in awe as he sang solemnly. His voice was absolutely beautiful, but his eyes were in a distant place as he prattled notes on the piano at a rapid pace.

Sleeping quietly, the scars left behind on your neck

Even if the point when the tears overflowed is an eternal curse,

Now this preciousness and this pain are sleeping within our hearts

My body grew hot as I lost myself in viewing his solo performance. It was so full of loneliness, I felt myself reaching out to him unconsciously. When the music stopped, I saw him heave a sigh and turn to stare at the moon through the glass window. In the silence, I grew anxious and shuffled loudly. Laito’s face turned towards me and he commanded lowly, “Come out now, you eavesdropper.”

A little startled he noticed me, I immediately stepped out to face him. His eyes lightened when he realized it was me.

He smiled a gloomy smile and said nothing. He continued to stare at the half moon. He then made a motion with his hand that beckoned me to come over to him. I don’t know why I decided to obey him, but his out of character seriousness made me realize that I should listen to him. As I moved closer to where he sat on the piano bench, he met my eyes and asked, “Why are we born, Miss Honma? What is our purpose?”

Not sure how to answer, I stammered out, “I-I don’t know…Perhaps we all ask ourselves this kind of question.”

His eyes remained distant. This rang out very strange to me. Why was Laito acting so perplexing? He was usually so upbeat, overly perverted, and care-free. For him to be so different now, I inherently felt great concern.

Just then, he stood up right in front of me, never losing my gaze. His hand moved and brushed my long bang over to the side.

“Are you a tortured soul as well?” he asked me softly, to which I had no words to answer him with. My heart raced sporadically in my chest. Little knots bundled in my stomach and I couldn’t come up with any witty thing to say that might lighten his mood. It was like being in a trance.  

He reached over to me with both hands and pulled me into a soft embrace, before murmuring in my ear, “Don’t move away. This will only hurt for little while.”

With that, he sunk his fangs into my neck. For a moment, I was petrified that someone had finally bitten me during the course of my staying here. It was painful, enough to make my eyes water profusely. He held onto me strongly so all I could do was whimper when the pain grew unbearable. It was unbelievably scorching as he sucked my blood; I thought for sure my blood was boiling. All I could muster out was a weak, “L-Laito-” before my body went weak and everything went black.


Laito held onto her as she collapsed in his arms. His eyes glowed and blood dripped from his lips as he admired her sleeping figure. His thoughts were ablaze at this newfound taste in his mouth. Like nothing he could have even dreamed of. A peculiar flavor that left a unique taste on his tongue.

“Laito-kun,” a voice interrupted his thoughts as he looked up to see Ayato standing in the doorway, “What are you doing?”

Ayato squinted at the questionable situation of Jade’s unconscious body in the arms of his twin, who was covered in blood. Laito gazed downwards, casting a shadow over his illuminated eyes, before covering it with the phony expression of his usual cheeky smirk.

“I’m awakening a goddess.”
Chapter 4: Living with Vampires<\b>

“So because you’ll be staying with us for a while, Reiji has decided we need to be more informed about you. For starters, how old are you? When‘s your birthday? Blood type?” Yui asked me in the kitchen one evening. It’s been a week since my arrival and it’d already proven to be interesting.

“I’m seventeen. Born June 16th. Blood type AB.”

The last few days had been a roller coaster of emotions for me as the brothers took it upon themselves to trap me around every corner. This very evening, Subaru had smashed a whole table in the game room, which had woke me up from sleep. When I went over to see what happened, apparently Reiji had said something inappropriate about his mother, and sent him on a flying rampage. At my arrival to the scene, Subaru threw a vase towards me. The glass shattered on impact, only grazing my shin. I wouldn’t have noticed it if Subaru didn’t zero in on my wound with wide eyes.

“That scent again…it’s too strong to ignore,” he muttered before suddenly making an appearance in front of me, kneeling down at my feet. He moves so his hand catches the now drizzling blood that oozes out of the cut.

“I know it’s sour at first but…it turns sweet as honey after I swallow. What are you…”he trails off as grabbed my leg and practically pulls me off my feet as he inhales the scent. Feeling very uncomfortable, I swiftly pulled my leg away from his grip and retorted, “Don’t just touch me as you please.”

At this, he grinned and said, “You think you can defy me? Don’t act all high and mighty, you stupid girl.”

I gulped at his deadened expression when he pressed me against the closed door and bared his fangs.

“You test me and you die. You got that?” he growled before dropping me and disappearing out of the room in a huff. I think I must have offended him.

I giggled at the thought as I tuned back into the present. Though these vampires all had a reason to be feared, I couldn’t help but feel like they were all just children trapped in teenage bodies. My thoughts fell back to what happened with Laito when I first got here. I hadn’t run into him much since then but I couldn’t help but be a little tense whenever I saw him. He was an enigma. I couldn’t read his intentions. But whatever they were, he was intent on them being a secret.

“Yui,” I addressed her, “I could use some new clothes. I didn’t come here with much and I’d like to go shopping. Would you like to come with me?”

Yui looked surprised as she answered, “Yeah, of course! I’m so happy you asked. I’ve been needing to get out for a while. Let me just let Ayato know…”

“Do you have to tell him wherever you go?” I inquired, curious to why she always followed him so obediently. She made a hard expression and she answered reluctantly, “Well, I kind of wonder myself…but I chose him to be the one to drink my blood. He’s rough, selfish, possessive, and he calls me names. But underneath that, he’s actually somewhat kind. He’s…been through a lot in the past, and that makes him who he is today.”

I nodded, somewhat understanding what she meant. My own past wasn’t all too clear right now but I felt like I could honestly relate. I have scars all over my body, and I can’t remember what or who inflicted them. It gave me a sickly feeling whenever I thought about it. Maybe it has to do with why I’m here now…


“Ah Yui, what do you think of this gray skirt?” I asked while holding up a cute gray frilly mini skirt. I’ve always loved gray and black clothes. It seemed to neutralize the bright color of my hair.

“Wow, that’s really cute. You should try it on with those other things you picked,” she suggested. I smiled to myself and went into the fitting room to try on the clothes I’d picked. As I eyed myself over in the mirror,

I felt a feeling of satisfaction wash over me. I wore a quarter sleeve black crewneck with the frilly gray skirt, adorned with black and white striped tights, a maroon scarf, and black ankle boots. When I went out to show Yui, it took only a moment to realize she wasn’t alone.

Before her, I saw a navy colored fedora. His back was to me and he was facing Yui. Her eyes were wide with confusion and I felt my heart freeze up. What was he doing here? And everything was going so well for me…

Just as I stepped out, he turned around, his expression ecstatic as he enthused, “Ah Jadey-chan, I came specifically to see you!”

He moved towards me swiftly before he noticed my outfit and eyed me up and down. He grinned seductively as he cocked his head and said, “You must’ve wanted to look good the next time you saw me. Fufu. Well, you devilish little thing, you succeeded.”

“Laito, I’m here with Yui. What do you want? Did you just come here to ruin my day?” I grunted irritably. I was having a nice time and since our last meeting, I hadn’t felt at good terms with him.

He faked being offended and exclaimed, “I don’t know what you mean, Jadey-chan. I was simply on my way to my favorite reading place when I saw fragile little Bitch-chan all by herself. For a moment I thought maybe she was with Ayato, but lucky me she was with you.”

“Yeah, lucky you,” I scowled before going back to change in the fitting. Laito began to follow behind before I turned around and shoved him away and said, “Sit boy!”

He giggled giddily in reply and rebuttled kind of half-heartedly, “Those kinds of phrases…aren’t going to work.”

“You don’t sound real convinced,” I commented with a smirk. Two can play at his game. He shook his head and chuckled, “Whatever, little devil. You keep playing the tough girl act. I can wait. It won’t be long before you’re crying and begging me not to hurt you. Just like the other night.”

With a wink, he drifted off out of the store. Inside the fitting room, my heart raced indefinitely. Why do I get like this when he’s around? I don’t know how to deal with people like him. He makes my chest hurt.


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So I've got a little announcement to make to my lovely watchers here on dA! A while ago, I went to a casting call for models for the fashion show at my town's local anime convention. Well today I found out that I made it and now I get to be a part of it! I've never been in a runway show before so this is really exciting for me-- even moreso because I get to do it in cosplay!
I'll be sure to post a link or so if the pictures get posted online, but the show is this Saturday! i'll make sure to write a post about the experience. :D
Thanks to dA for the support that gave me confidence for experiences like this!
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